This office has utilized the services of Carrie Sherriff on many occasions, most recently on behalf of a clients trust as regards to the disposition of a family home which presented, to a say the least, unique challenges.

Carrie provide her usual high level of requisite professional expertise; in addition, she brought to the marketing and sales effort very welcome and creative strategic, tangible , and personal thinking, which resolute in the reading of the property for sale on an economic basis, efficient marketing, and a successful sale for a very satisfactory price, all as regards a difficult property. (see document)
Peter Flaxman, Flaxman & Blakely

We knew when we signed a contract with Carrie to either purchase or sell our home that Carrie would give 1000%. She always conducted herself in an extremely professional manner, with a selling property worth $500,000 or almost $2,000,000.

When we worked with Carrie to find a “lot with good value” within in Mill Valley, she did not rely on listing but in her inimitable way, she sought out properties that were “not yet known” to be on the market. Carrie went way beyond what I have ever seen in a realtor to negotiate and stay with us during this difficult period.
We can’t say enough! (see document)
Marilyn & Bob Smith

We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent job you did in assisting us to sell our house in Mill Valley late last year. We were able to get a good price for our property in an extremely tough market due to your ability to identify potential buyers, timely listing, presentation of the property, and your negotiating skills.

The brochures that you had published on the property were superb and the printed hard covered books were a brilliant idea. We will keep those around as mementos of our house forever. (see document)
Ron and Grace Chin

I recently concluded the sale of a house in Mill Valley in which I was represented by Carrie Sherriff. I was very concerned that the matter be handled with intelligence, professionalism, integrity and humor.

In the interests of full disclosure(so dear to the hearts of real estate professionals everywhere) I must reveal that my selection of Carrie was driven largely by the length of our acquaintance which is nearly 20 years. That having been said, I can now say that I doubt very much if I could have better met my qualifications through any other method of selection. A transaction which I feared might be fraught with trauma was smooth, comfortable and, well, fun. “i’s were dotted, “t”s were crossed, things I didn’t think about were thought about anyway.

I can now recommend Carrie, and do so without reservation, on the basis of long friendship and on personal experience of her expert, intelligent and, well, fun representation.

Carrie is one of a very small number of real estate brokers with the ability to both produce top quality representation and to exhibit genuine humanity. Do yourself a favor. (see document)
Jared Dreyfus

I had known Carrie as a friend of my mother, Vera Shultz, for many years. It was necessary to sell the family home at 26 Ralston Avenue, Mill Valley and since I live in Texas I needed a realtor whom I could depend on to present my parents” unique property.

Carrie stayed in touch with me constantly, giving me feedback on everything that went on and preparing me for what might or would be the next step.

Carrie as warm and charming person. She is an apt and able business woman. She has a clear knowledge of the ins and outs of Marin Real Estate. She is creative , honest, intelligent and very wise. (see document)
Joyce Hester

Carrie Sherriff found us our first house in Marin 19 years ago, and we are especially pleased to recommend her since she recently sold that house for us and helped us purchase our new home. She was relentless in her persistence, and optimism, and worked very hard putting in many hours a week helpings us during a time of the most terrible market ever in this area. During a very protracted contract period with very emotionally charged negotiations she commanded the highest degree of professionalism and calmness.

During the marketing effort we came in contact with 75 or 80 agents. Many commented “Oh, you are lucky; Carrie is one of the best broker/agents in the business”.

For those fortunate to select Carrie Sherriff as a broker, you will be in for the best care ever. Another commented. “They do not come any better than and she is one of the top ten in Northern California. She truly is a remarkable person.(see document)
Dr. Randy & Dr. Deirdre Rand

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude for your excellent services in marketing my aunt’s Mill Valley home. We have been involved in numerous real estate transactions and this is the first time we have been unqualifiedly satisfied with the services provided to us by a realtor (we are probably pretty tough customers).

We asked for open houses; you provided open houses virtually every weekend the house was on the market. We wanted the house aggressively priced, but not to the point of chilling traffic; your pricing calculation proved to be a perfect balance. We wanted to be kept informed; you telephoned after each open house, telephoned during the week whenever there was any buyer activity, and even sent a fax of a crucial contingency removal to our Lake Tahoe hotel! Our calls were always promptly returned.

The extensive pricing work you did at the inception of the listing proved invaluable in later assessing offers. The work you did to ensure the integrity of the offer (i.e., ensuring the pending sale of the buyer’s present home was highly likely to close), your diligence in getting contingencies removed, and your artful nurturing of a potential backup offer were ultimately critical to closing the sale. Also, your skill and knowledge in working through the probate aspects of the sale are, I believe, quite uncommon among realtors and well justified your recommendation by the estate’s attorney.” (see document)
Ed Jesson, Supreme Court of California, San Francisco

It has been ten years since Carrie managed my purchase in Sausalito, and I can remember many things she caught during the contractual negotiations that saved me a lot of time and even more money. Her presentation is respectful, honest and intelligent.

I have had the privilege to work with Carrie on two other occasions. Each resulted in a relaxed transaction that went smoothly. (see document)
Pete Searson

Carrie knows every area of Marin County inside and out, as though it was her own property. She listened carefully to what I needed, and didn’t waste my time with homes that were out of my reach financially, or missing the things I wanted. She is bright , articulate, and friendly, always helping me sort things out but never pressuring me. (see document)
Jeannette M. Boudreau

What sets you apart is your indefatigable humor and compassion along with the quiet competence and just plain professionalism.

The efforts you go to keep your client informed, current and aware of idiosyncrasies, pitfalls and such that may exist or may occur in the “purchase dance”, are so valuable, so reassuring, so pleasing! (see document)
Gage A. Schubert

I highly recommend Carrie Sherriff to assist anyone in the buying or selling of their home. Her professionalism and experience made the selling of my home an almost enjoyable experience. Carrie and her team helped me though the process from the beginning to end with confident ease. I felt I had the best representation possible.’

Carrie’s experience shows when you are working with her. She really knows how to prepare a home for market that will fetch the highest price by using her long list of professional contacts to help you. Carrie marketed the house at the “right price” and orchestrated the open hoses etc. so it sold immediately with multiple offers over the asking price. She is tough when you need someone when you need some to be tough and she is calm when you need someone to calm you down.

Now even after my successful sale, Carrie is always there if I have any questions and is eager to help. She is a true professional! (see document)
Laurie Curtis

I found you to be as much a facilitator as a broker. Watching you both in buying and selling capacities, I have seen how skillfully you can negotiate, as well as paving a way of ease, laying the groundwork for possibility, for results.

You have the ability to allay clients’ anxieties, to push forward real probabilities, to draw back at the first sign of a bad deal, to stand firm when it’s best.

I respect your humanness in a cut-throat business, and admire your work’s purpose. (see document)
Stephanie Lawrence

Carrie had really creative ideas about how to fix up our house for sale. She had a great sense for buyers – who was “real” ad who was not – and, most importantly, she brought a in a full-price offer in the midst of the worst real estate downturn ever AND closed in right before the credit crisis. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, very very nice and had great sense of humor – an absolute pleasure to work with. (see document)
Beth Haiken

I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work and conscientiousness you put into helping us find our new homesite at 361 Ridgewood. Most people are quite shocked to hear that we found a 3-1/2 acre property in Mill Valley.

I was very pleased that most of the properties you uncovered for us were not listed in the Multiple Listings. I was also impressed with the fact that whenever we got a lead from someone regarding any piece of property, you were already very familiar with it and also with several years of history regarding each particular property.

Thank you also for investigating extra details and issues even when they were not requested, such as zoning, sewer connections, previous design approvals and other related subjects. (see document)
Steve K. Fox

I had been looking for a home in Sausalito for several years without success. After deciding to work with you, my wife and I found the perfect house after looking at only a handful of potential homes. Your ability to understand personalities and idiosyncrasies allowed us to focus on homes that fit us well.

Your experience in Real Estate and your willingness to represent our point of view to the seller allowed closing to run smoothly. (see document)
Leslie Schofferman, M.D.

A special thank you to you for your staff for seeing me through the very successful sale of my family home. The decision to sell my home was an emotional one and I could not have accomplished it without your conscientious and heartfelt help. You graciously led me along a very unfamiliar set of tasks and deadlines.

I was especially impressed with your thorough dedication to all the paperwork and making sure that everything was in place to insure a clean escrow.

Most of all I am thankful for your continued check up calls and encouragement when I would become confused and anxious. It felt great to have such a true professional by my side. (see document)
Prudence Dreyfus, San Anselmo

She was completely competent (which I think is a somewhat rare). went “above and beyond the call of duty” handling details and people. I think a real estate agent needs to be strong but not pushy really committed to selling the property representing the owner’s rest interest. This takes a dedicated person. Carrie is all that, with impeccable integrity. I highly recommend her. (see document)
Ann Segal

Carrie Sherriff and I have worked together on several real estate transaction is Marin and Sonoma Counties. I have been very pleased with the professional manner she and her team do business. They are well-experienced, very thorough and pleasant to work with. Because she is an independent broker, her full attention and commitment is to her clients and she is able to customize her service to their specific needs. (see document)
Jim Phoenix

Rick and I want to express our appreciation for you excellent job in handling two real e state transactions for us. We count both transactions as successes in no small part due to your efforts.

We were impressed by your knowledge of the market and mastery of the details necessary to market a property. You were spot-on with pricing and able to address any issue through your extensive network of contacts in the Marin real estate industry. (see document)
Becky & Rick Smith

I have been impressed and gratified with your extreme professionalism. Your knowledge, understanding integrity are a benchmark to which all real estate professionals should aspire.

Your understanding of people and their problems is unique, and you handle problems with a temperament and understanding that converts problems into solutions.

I thank you for handling our recent Tiburon sale in your amenable fashion. Had you not exercised your skills to the ultimate, the transaction would have never completed and ongoing litigation would have been inevitable. (see document)
P. Roy Vallerino, CEO, Consolidated Title Services